Fraud & error on the rise!

We are passionate about
seeing fraud and error reduce
in the public sector. 

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What is e-thos?

e-thos is the Powys Council & Datatank brand for its service offering. e-thos has a vision to be the innovative and integrated HUB of skills, people, data, intelligence and technologies, and services that you will ever need.

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Keeping Costs Down

At e-thos we are an ethical organisation that work with you. Therefore we integrate our data and services to give you an holistic service with less costs.

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e-thos Services

Working intelligently together, supporting you to deliver excellent services and protect the public purse

Tenancy Verification Reviews

Our range of tenancy services helps to reduce your costs and enables you to keep yourselves focused on your key role as a social housing provider.

Identifying tenancy misuse not only reduces tenancy fraud but also minimises the cost of providing temporary accommodation and lowers the waiting times for social housing

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Fraud Investigations

We provide a robust and resilient fraud prevention, detection and investigation service for all Local Authorities and Social Housing Providers


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Council Tax Reviews

This service covers all key Council Tax cost areas. 

Our fully managed end-to-end services are designed to reduce your time, effort and costs and help you maximise your Council Tax revenues.

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Billing & Debt Recovery

Maintaining an income stream of debts back into the council is vital.

We offer a comprehensive debt service for ALL debts from billing to recovery action including enforcement and courts.

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Case Management

Our cloud-based Case Management System is a powerful and fully customisable tool that can be used to manage all types of case work.

This includes fraud, anti-social behaviour and tenant sustainability. It is designed to integrate with our other services to provide you with rich data, outcomes and full case progress.

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Benefits & Awards Processing

This service provides your teams with extra capacity to manage those additional peaks of work in all types of benefit and awards processing.

The service is tailored to suit you in completing work such as FERIS or RTI, or just general support for awards.

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Why use e-thos?


Saved for councils using our Single Person Discount service

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Awards processing times reduction


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