Council Tax Review

spd review

e-thos helps you generate more council tax income and reduce fraudulent claims. Our fully managed end-to-end services are designed to reduce your time, effort and costs and to help you maximise your Council Tax revenues.

Single Person Discount Reviews are resource intensive and costly for council staff to undertake. e-thos provides councils with an effective, cost-efficient and timely means of identifying and removing incorrect or fraudulent Single Person Discounts.

e-thos will fully manage the entire SPD Review process for you including:
•Management of all claimant contact
•Updating your Revenues system
•Issue of rebills

We have the experience and knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t and we understand 'one size doesn’t fit all'. Whether it's a one off review or the development of an on-going SPD Review Strategy, our SPD Review service guarantees to reduce the number of fraudulent discounts and maximises Council Tax Revenues whilst minimising the cost of conducting an SPD Review


Our fully managed Review provides councils with an effective and cost-efficient means of identifying and removing incorrect or fraudulently claimed exemptions. Simply upload your list of properties claiming an exemption or disregard at each property and you will receive details of both valid and incorrectly applied discounts .We will:
•Handle all claimant contact
•Provide telephone and online support
•Process all customer returns
•Give you access to real-time management information


empty & second homes

Our empty and second home reviews enable you to maximise revenue from the new homes bonus grant (England), apply premiums where necessary, determine the home owners primary residence and tackle the increasing UK housing shortage. e-thos will carry out the entire review and verification process to identify properties which:
•Are empty and eligible for the new homes bonus
•Require a premium to be applied
•Require a property inspection where occupancy cannot be verified

•Are no longer empty and occupied

Our service significantly cuts down the number of properties you need to inspect and allows you to focus your efforts on properties at highest risk.