Fraud Services

Fraud Services

We provide a robust and resilient fraud prevention, detection and investigation service for Local Authorities and Social Housing Providers across all types of corporate fraud and error activity.

We provide training for staff and managers, highlight and identify the issues and respective responsibilities and explain what needs to be done. In doing this we help to increase understanding of the impact of fraud, energise and inspire the honest majority and deter and weaken the dishonest minority, thereby establishing strong anti-fraud culture.

 You are the most effective deterrents against fraud, more than 30% is uncovered by staff, members of the public or 3rd parties.

Together we can bridge the gaps where opportunity for fraud exists. What  you do makes a difference - you just have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. We are here to help you, we take fraud personally on behalf of every honest person, please feel free to contact us and discuss any fraud related matter.

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Fraud Investigations

Our Counter Fraud Services team has extensive experience in proactively identifying and tackling fraud. We will manage cases from inception to completion – which may include Criminal Prosecution. We can also work alongside your own staff sharing our skills and expertise thereby developing your fraud resilience and response. We can help you with tackling fraud and error within your organisation, thereby reducing the opportunity for repeat fraud and the associated financial and reputational loss.

Fraud Risk Assessments

We can help you introduce or update appropriate counter fraud controls within your organisation to ensure that systems, processes and policies are robust enough to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity. We work to assess risk and identify the strengths and weaknesses of related controls. Fraud is a highly dynamic phenomenon, continually mutating and changing as fraudsters seek the greatest return for the least risk. We can help your organisation to defend itself against this threat.