Tenancy Verification Reviews

Tenant Identity Checks

At e-thos we  provide holistic tenancy services designed to give you as much assurance of your tenants as possible.

We provide end-to-end tenant lifecycle services to help you confirm who is living in your properties, provide support and guidance to those who need it most and tackle tenancy fraud.

 All tenants must be identity checked, but how do you know they are who they say they are?

Our Tenant Identity checks can be performed with in-situ tenants or at point of application for new tenants.

e-thos provides a detailed report that identifies a range of evidence as to whether an identity exists and whether the individual is who they say they are. This also provides a number of indicators warning of significant ‘high risk’ issues.

Tenancy Misuse Checks

Identifying tenancy misuse not only reduces tenancy fraud but also minimises the cost of providing temporary accommodation and lowers the waiting times for social housing.
e-thos provides you with a simple and cost effective means of determining tenancy misuse.
Our service identifies tenancy fraud such as subletting, succession and right to buy and allows you to focus your resources where they are most needed. If you don't have the resources to investigate tenancy fraud, why not let e-thos do this on your behalf?

Tenant Trace

More than often a tenant in rent arrears will leave the property and give no details of where they are moving to, meaning the debt is left unpaid.
It is time consuming and resource intensive to trace a tenant who has absconded. Even when the tenant is traced, further work is needed to understand if they are able to pay the debt owed.
e-thos can trace former tenants with outstanding rent arrears, where current location is not known. We will give insight into the movement of that tenant between addresses.

Further to this we will be separating the ‘can’t pays from the won’t pays’ allowing you to focus your time and resources where it is most needed.

Alternatively, why not use our Budget and Debt Management services.